Tucked in the mountains of Passaic County is the sleepy town of Ringwood, which is located approximately 45 minutes outside New York City. Residents enjoy the serenity of this suburban getaway without leaving the city’s amenities far behind.

Ringwood is home to more than 12,000 people, and residents look forward to experiencing all this close-knit town has to offer. With an emphasis on art and music, the town provides many cultural opportunities including concerts, art exhibits and special events.

For history buffs, visit Long Pond Ironworks, which was a full iron-working complex and workers’ village in its heyday. Now, the properties are only two of several parks in the area. Other parks include Shepherds Lake, Ringwood Manor State Park, Monksville Reservoir, Ringwood Reservoir and the state’s Botanical Gardens.These parks and historic sites encourage residents to hike, fish, boat, play various water sports, mountain bike and cross-country ski. Ringwood also has Highlands Pool, which is a favorite spot for many community members who are looking to cool off during the hot summer days.

Despite its convenient location close to New York City, Ringwood retains a small town, rustic feeling. It is less congested than many nearby cities and it takes pride in maintaining its natural environment and welcoming, country atmosphere. This unique blend of rural and suburban living with seasonal views and various activities attracts residents who are looking to escape the hustle and bustleof the city.